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Amberwoods Station - Part Three
Anila leads you down the hall to a door. You hear a few gasps at the Gothic style wooden aperture. "I told you he's a vampire," she says. "But this is more for show than anything else. He's actually a lot older even than the stories of Dracula. I don't know how old he is, though a few of the people from his Multiverse do." She knocks on the door.
"Come in Anila," a deep, rich voice says.
Anila sighs and pushes open the door. "Maverick and Wyld Kard did come remind you of the rules, right?" she asks.
"Yes they did. I'm rather displeased that Nariel felt it necessary to send those pests to harass me, but I suppose I do have a tendency to ignore the directives of the station's central core."
The speaker is probably one of the most gorgeous men you've ever seen. His black hair is short and neatly trimmed. The beard on his face looks a little rough but is still well kept. He's sitting with his shirt open showing off a magnificently well built body.
Anila sighs again. "Khey Lan, you know you
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Amberwoods Station - Part 2
As you follow after the petite young woman, you hear one of your traveling companions squeak, as if she’s choking off a scream. You look over at her and feel your blood run cold. There’s a window right next to you. As you look out it, you see what you would swear is a bridge leading to Mars. Yet the sky doesn’t look quite right.
Anila comes up and looks out with you. “Oh for...” She pulls a tarnished silver mirror off of her belt. “So glad these things became so much useless junk a long time ago,” she mutters. She rubs her finger across it in what might be a pattern, if only you could wrap your mind around the view you’re seeing.
“Anila, I thought you were on guide duty,” a soft, lilting feminine voice says.
“I am,” Anila says. “But we have a problem.”
“What kind of problem?” The soft voice grows sharp.
“Bridge 273 came disconnected from Multiverse 14 again,” Anila says.
The voic
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Amberwoods Station - Part 1
"Welcome to Amberwoods Station!" As you debark from what you THOUGHT was an ordinary airplane, you're greeted by a cheerful young woman with almond shaped blue eyes flecked with black who stands at around the height of an average woman's shoulder. Her blond hair is pulled back in two braids so you can see the elegantly pointed ears adorned with some very ornate gold jewelry.
"Anila, make sure you show them around this time," someone calls. He's tall, taller than anyone you've ever seen. His hair is the color of ink, and he is blessed with one amber eye and one green. His distinctly Asian look is at odds with his muscular build, and the military uniform he’s wearing doesn't look like any you've ever seen.
The girl he called Anila sticks her tongue out at his back before turning back to you. She's still smiling, but there's something more in those blue eyes. The black seems more prominent and there's a lot of pain and sorrow there that wasn't there a moment before.
"Oh, you want to
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Writing prompt #6 - A forlorn little world
Writing prompt #6 - Forlorn
Ashara huddled under the broken down construction bot. It had been left to rust away, like so many of the large vehicles in this part of the city. The war with the Kitsune Maru had been devastating to the human colony. All of the survivors banded together and moved into one densely packed central location with high walls, automatic defenses, and a powerful forcefield. She glanced over at her brother who was under the rusting remnants of a hover vehicle. Well, those who had the money moved into the central location. Those like her, like her brother, who had no family and no money, were left behind in the ruins. They were abandoned to live or die on their own.
"Shara, I'm hungry," Shea said. "Can't we go home?"
"No Shea. We don't have anything to trade for food yet," Ashara said. "Or for a place to sleep. There's supposed to be an acid storm tonight. I'd rather not have my flesh burned off my skeleton. How about you?"
Shea coughed. "I don't want to die
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Writing prompt #5 - Water is life
Writing prompt: Water
Author's Note: A "genetic Halfbond" is similar to a twin of the same gender, but one is very logical and centered, while the other is very creative and more scattered.

Suncica checked her mask for the hundredth time. "Cica, leave it alone or it will come off," her genetic Halfbond Iara said.
Suncica lowered her hands. "How did you talk them into letting me come out with you, Iara? I'm not rated on any of this."
"Simple," Iara said, her cold, logical voice echoing in Suncica's ears. "We're short handed and I'm not allowed to go out alone even though I have the highest rating in all categories of all the Seekers. So I suggested they allow me to bring you, as you have the highest shot accuracy in the colony. They accepted my proposal."
Suncica could feel the sweat run down the back of her neck. She was very willing to admit she was terrified. Iara was one of the Seekers, one of the elite scientists trained to find and retrieve much needed elements
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Writing prompt #4 - A game too real
Writing prompt #4 - Online
Bailey settled down in front of the computer. She reached over and unhooked the VR visor from its charger. "Bailey, you better not be gettin' on that devil machine again," she heard her mother yell.
"Mom, it's not a 'devil machine,'" Bailey yelled back. "It's called a computer. It's technology that's extremely useful for research, communication, and entertainment. And if you'd actually get with the century and learn about them, you'd see how useful they are."
"Don't you go sassin' me, girl. I brought you into this world," her mother yelled.
"Yeah, yeah, and you can take me out of it again," Bailey shot back. "You've been saying that since I was three, mom. Do you think I don't know all your threats by heart now? I'm twenty three, for God's sake."
"Why you usin' the Lord's name in vain?" her mother shrieked. "You goin' to hell for sure, girl."
Bailey set the visor back on the charger. She was done. Her mother was forever giving her hell for her life cho
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Writing prompt #3 - Power for all
Writing prompt #3: A group of scientists discover a cheap, renewable energy source that when put into place across the world further destabilizes the oil-dependent Middle East.
"Demyan, come to lab sixteen," a heavily accented female voice said over the PA system. "There is something you must see."
Dr. Demyan O'Clery got up from his desk. The excitement in his partner's voice intrigued him. Dr. Ha-Yun Choi was one of the top researchers in renewable resource research. If she was calling for him, there'd most likely been a breakthrough.
Ha-Yun was standing next to one of the containment units. "Demyan, come. I've been testing this for six months now, just to be certain my hypothesis was correct. It seems it is and we actually have something we can show the Senate Energy Committee."
He looked through the window. A twisted crystal made of two colors - one clear and one a very faded blue - were twined together. A faint light emanated from it, but the energy readings showed that it w
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Writing prompt #2 - Are you ready for the truth?
Writing prompt #2: A young lawyer graduates into a world where, for the first time, brain scans can accurately detect lies.
Abiel stood before his family, his face flushed with pride. In his hands was the official plassheet marking him as an attorney with the highest degree possible in the Galactic Consortium. The message cube in his pocket was an invitation from one of the top firms on Koridan VII, offering him a position as a junior lawyer in their firm. "What do you have there, boy?" his father asked, gesturing to what Abiel held. "Some advertisement or a petition for fixing some galactic wrong?"
Abiel shook his head. "It's proof I graduated from the university, father. I'm a lawyer now," he said. "And I already have a job."
"Where would a back country idiot like you get a job?" his mother asked.
"And how did you graduate from the university?" his grandmother asked. "You must have cheated, or bribed someone to do the work for you."
Abiel's face fell. "Why isn't anything I do
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Sci fi writing prompt #1
Writing prompt: “I have to deactivate you. I’m sorry.”
Chantrea watched as her master bustled around his workshop. He kept shooting her furtive looks. A human would have missed them, but as Chantrea was a Class XIV Artificial Lifeform programmed to be his personal assistant, she saw them quite clearly. She waited for him to say something but he kept moving around without speaking. Finally, she sighed like a frustrated human - though frustration wasn't one of the emotions she'd been given - and moved closer to him. "Master, you're fidgety and can't keep your eyes off of me even though you think I don't notice. What's going on?" she asked.
Matas Alescio - one of the foremost experts in the solar system on artificial lifeforms and alternate intelligences - turned and faced Chantrea. "Chan, something's happened in the Galactic Assembly," he said.
"What's happened, Master?" Chantrea asked. Matas was a member of the GA because of his expertise in ALs and AIs. He was
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Into the Flames - Chapter 7.5
     “My lady, the University is a small city all on its own. It’s two hundred and ten kilometers full of towering structures, smaller buildings, and a whole network of underground transit tunnels. The last enrollment count was 75,000.”
     “That does not seem a large number of students compared to the size of the campus,” Fiera said.
     “The University isn’t just a home for students, my lady,” Jonette said. “It also houses one of the largest research and development labs on the planet, and is where the main trauma care training center is. Those don’t have anything to do with the University students, unless they go into a science or medical field and get enough seniority in both career tracks to earn the privilege of attending the more advanced training.”
     “This is something I did not know,” Fiera said. “Is this a fac
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Into the Flames - Chapter 7.0
     Fiera frowned as the limousine slowed and then stopped in front of a vine covered wall. There was a holographic panel with a house address on it. She checked it with the information on her pad. This was the townhouse one of the Eleven had acquired for her. Eire never told her who pulled the strings even when she asked, so she didn’t know exactly who to thank. She also knew nothing about the particulars of the house either.
     The limousine driver stepped out of the car and opened her door. Without a word he indicated the security panel set discretely in the side of the wall. Fiera fumbled with her pad a second time and managed to get the security code put in. The gate swung open. The driver escorted Fiera back to the flitter and drove her to the house.
     He still refused to speak to the two women as he helped Jonette carry the bags to the front door. Fiera unlocked it with another code and let Jonette bring all
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Into the Flames - Chapter 6.5
     Two hours passed and there was no sign of or word from Lakshmi. Kuen paced around the room, at times clasping his hands behind his back and at other times clenched in fists at his sides. It wasn’t long before Michi strode into the room. Mihail was nowhere in sight, though he could smell the scent of satiation on her.
     “Kuen, where is Lakshmi?” she asked, smoothing her sable hair with one hand.
     “She has gone to the University,” Kuen said. “She left two hours ago and I have heard nothing since.”
     “She most likely has not even reached it yet, given the time of day,” Michi said. “Traffic will be backed up as tight as the molecules strung together to make our DNA. I would not expect her back for another five or six hours, assuming they do not give her trouble at the University since she is not the entering student.” She scowled a
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Into the Flames - Chapter 6.0
     “Lord Kuen, you have been pacing around this room like a caged animal for the past two hours,” Lakshmi said from her place at an antique desk.
     “Where else would you have me do it?” Kuen snapped. “My rooms? The halls? The servants are terrified of me, the space is very limited in my rooms with all of the ‘necessities’ that seem to have been crammed into them, and I am forbidden to go anywhere outside the house so I cannot run off this energy. I cannot even work out properly so I have nothing to expel my tension on.”
     “Your mother has given you express permission to use her private gym until one is set up for you,” Lakshmi said. “Which is what I am attempting to accomplish right now, if you would cease stomping around.”
     Kuen snorted. “I would break every machine in my mother’s gym, and even the combat bots i
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Into the Flames - Chapter 5.5
     The sale was finalized and Jonette’s ownership information was transferred to Fiera. A pair of sandals was found to fit her narrow feet and they headed out. While Fiera wasn’t body shy after living with so many siblings, Lady Sung would be as a genteel lady wouldn’t be around the rest of the household without clothing on – let alone hundreds of the members of the public.
     Linden led her to a small shop just outside the port. A white haired woman dressed in a long, flowing crimson skirt and a peasant blouse greeted them. “Director Fiscella, I hope you weren’t giving me a split circuit about this,” she said.
     “Katida Machan, let me introduce you to Lady Fiera Sung,” Linden said with a bow.
     “Lady Sung,” Katida said, bowing. “Welcome to my shop. I’ve closed it down so we can outfit you without any distractions.
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Into the Flames - Chapter 5.0
     Fiera waited in line for the decon chambers. Sio Port was very busy, with the arrivals of the Lusitania, the Kilkis, and the Fuso at virtually the same time. It had been a challenge in logistics for those in charge of keeping the shuttles from crashing into each other. She’d lost sight of Ayaka and Matic a while ago. They’d been pulled off to the side to go through a special scan.
     She got up to the entrance to the room with the chambers. “Boarding information please?” the bored looking representative asked.
     Fiera handed him what he asked. He glanced at it and then straightened. “Forgive me, Lady Sung. I wasn’t aware to whom I was speaking,” he stammered.
     “I do not care about your apologies,” Fiera said. “Just let me through so I may get on with my day.”
     “Of course, Lady Sung,” the man s
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Into the Flames - Chapter 4.5
     Kuen got his first glimpse of Sio, the capital of Bouarus and home to the Assembly Hall, as they passed through the ever present layer of clouds and pollution. It was a massive city, stretching on for kilometers in every direction. Towering skyscrapers spiraled into the sky while shorter, squatter warehouses filled in the gaps in some areas.
     Residential neighborhoods were scattered through the districts. He could tell which ones had the people who lived in squalor and the wealthier homes. Lakshmi landed at Bouarus Port.
     As they disembarked, they were stopped by a Port Authority agent. “I’m sorry,” he said, not looking all that apologetic. “As we don’t have a planet of origin for you, you have to go through decon along with all of your belongings. If it’s proven you have any kind of dangerous parasite, germ, or insects on you, you will be placed in immediate quarantine and not
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Hey all! I'm currently working on changing things up. My story "Amberwoods Station" will be finished soon...and it's ALSO my new writing identification. Everything I do will be under that collective from now on. Of course it'll still have my real name on it, but my blog, my website (once I get it up and running), and even my author page and author group on Facebook are all under Amberwoods Station. Watch for more updates!
Hi everyone! As of this moment, Into the Flames is on hiatus indefinitely. I've got other projects going on that require my full attention. However, I'm taking time to do a couple little writing exercises before I start writing on my big project every day. One will be posted here. The other gets posted on my regular blog. I'm still writing - just not on Into the Flames. So keep your eyes open on this page for further developments!
Chapter 8 still isn't up and that's because it hasn't been finished yet. I'm trying, but life just isn't cooperating with me right now. I am working on Into the Flames. I'll get out the next bit as soon as I can.
Chapter 7 has been up for a while. Chapter going slowly. I'm hoping to have it up by the end of today or tomorrow morning. We'll have to see. Hug 
So......hi. It's been a while. Chapter six of Into the Flames is going up right now. Sorry for the rambling (and possibly slightly incoherent) nature of the chapter. I wasn't sure what direction to go.
Hi everyone! I've got a question for you (and since I'm not a core member I can't do a proper poll, so we're doing it this way.)

I'm considering starting an online store - probably through Amazon - to sell stuff with a personal logo related to all my writing projects on it. Things like coffee cups, mouse pads, etc. As it gets closer to the publication of The Tiger's Keeper (Tiger, Tiger's new name), I'll be adding the cover art for the book, some quotes, and some other fun stuff to celebrate the upcoming publication. Basically I'm trying to get some money together to pay for all of the expenses I'm incurring getting to the publication point.

So, here are my questions - 


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